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Dr. Barbara von Schnurbein

"Marcella has a particularly versatile and consolidated knowledge of the relationship between physical activity and well-being, and she skilfully meets individual needs, helping me to achieve ambitious athletic goals. She is always preparing well-balanced and interesting classes. Since I am with her, I have no back pain anymore."

Daniela Hunger

"I would like to thank Marcella for the great Pilates lessons. They take place in a very nice relaxed atmosphere and are very diversified. Marcella's instructions are calm and clear and I feel very comfortable in her classes. Continue like this!!!"

Birgit Rohr

"I already do Pilates for 10 years. Marcella is the best of all coaches I've ever had. She is always well prepared, structured, has clear instructions and is attentive in corrections. And the classes are also always fun. It gives me joy."

Cathérine Guiard

"I have been attending Marcella's Pilates classes the last few years on a weekly basis and I do enjoy it. Marcella is professional. There is no routine in her classes which are different each time and well prepared. The classes are well structured and flow naturally with a smooth succession of the different exercises. Marcella provides us with clear explanations, she shows us the motions and then come to us to correct posture when needed even with anatomical explanations if relevant. Marcella's classes are rigorous but also very friendly. She interacts a lot with us. She adjusts to the participants and switch from Swiss German to English fluently to allow non-native participants to follow the classes without difficulties. She is punctual, even-tempered and energizing."

Flavia Gintonella

"Marcella has a broad technical knowledge, which you will also learn well in practice. She also attaches great importance to the fact that the exercises are carried out correctly and corrects a lot in a comprehensible way. The training is very varied and fun - I haven't had back pain for a long time now."



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