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Marcella Moret Pilates und Rolfing Basel Neubad

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Dancer | Pilates Teacher | Certified Rolfer™

Since I was young, I had the intuition that I would become a therapist of some sorts. I experienced this as wanting to become a 'healer type'. I have been exercising this drive and passion for many years, first and foremost as a dancer and physical actress and eventually as a Pilates and dance teacher.

During my 10 year professional dance career, embodiment arts and sciences caught my attention and gave me fuel to pursue and survive my performance practice. The methods that inspired me most were Pilates, Yoga, the Alexander Technique, Gyrotonic, Release Technique, Axis Syllabus, Countertechnique, Balancing Alignment and Process Inquiry in Dance. All these training and movement methods made up an important factor in my understanding of my body and healing itself.


"What makes us healthy and efficient? How can I heal? How can I avoid injuries? What do I learn from them?" 

Questions like these became my preferred obsessions.


Since 2013, I work as a Dance and Pilates teacher. I continually engage, empathize and interact with people of all different walks of life. Working with my clients on their physical and mental health is very fulfilling for me.

I have acquired a sound basic knowledge through training, therapies for my own injuries, teaching and attending lectures and workshops. I have dealt with the function of the body and its healing, as well as the prevention of injuries.


And yet, I feel there can be certain limits within these practices according to my original vision as a youngster, wanting to be a healer. In order to tap deeper into the health and wellbeing of people and their physical constitution, I practice Rolfing® Structural Integration, a form of manual fascia therapy. This is a beautiful complementing and holistic practice which naturally flows into my Pilates Myofascial Training method.


It is an honor for me to participate in the development of the science of bodywork and alternative therapy and spread its value.

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