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Pilates and Rolfing Basel Neubad


Pilates und Rolfing Basel Neubad



Assessment 45min.: 90 CHF

1 class 60min.: 140 CHF

6 classes 60min.: 798 CHF

10 classes 60min.: 1260 CHF

Personal Training For Two

Assessment 45 min.: 90 CHF

1 class 60 min.: 180 CHF

6 classes 60 min.: 1026 CHF

10 classes 60 min.: 1620 CHF

Sessions Include

  • Specific program tailored to your personal concerns and interests.

  • Personal and direct support in the execution of the exercises.

  • One-by-one coaching towards deepening your self-knowledge.

Training for private groups are also available live and online!


For more information on Pricing and Packages, please contact Marcella.

Pilates Neubad



Try-out class: 10 CHF

Set of sessions: 25 CHF / class

10 x Drop-in: 290 CHF*

Online Group Classes

Try-out class: Free

Drop-in class: 20 CHF

Classes Include

  • Diverse program complementary to the group's needs.

  • Intimate environment.

  • Small groups.

  • Support for individuals if needed.

The course is currently very mixed and varied. We are doing a workout with more myofascial focus and I am always happy to adapt it to make it enjoyable and useful for all levels.

*Valid 4 months.

Rolfing Basel Neubad

© Timon Furrer



Rate for one session: 165 CHF

Sessions take 75-90 min.

Marcella has the EMR label.

Thus treatments are covered by most of the alternative health insurances.

Rolfing® Structural Integration can significantly improve your body structure, posture and movement by relieving chronic tension and pain. It is a method that includes manual treatment techniques and specific movement and awareness schooling.

Treatments Include

  • Visual body and movement analysis.

  • Manual therapy that addresses the connective tissue.

  • Movement explorations.

  • Learning about body awareness.

  • Releasing restrictive patterns and tension.


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