Meet Marcella

Pilates Instructor and Dance Teacher

Since I graduated at the Contemporary Dance School in Arnhem in 2013 I have been working as a professional dancer, Pilates teacher and sports coach. I have experience teaching dance, dance partnering and Pilates Myofascial Training to professionals and non-professionals of any age.


I guide my students in their individual process of training and help them maintain their physical and mental well-being. Giving individual guidance has become increasingly important in my work.

I emphasize health and healthy movement that reduces the risk of injury, heals injuries and strengthens the body in a meaningful way.


With my method of Pilates Myofascial Training, I am combining Pilates with tried and tested forms such as dance, Alexander Technique, Gyrokinesis, Yoga as well as aerobics.

I give my classes as explorations and teach how the body and mind can move to a minimum of effort and a maximum of efficiency. As a teacher I am centered around holistic health and authentic strength, rehabilitation and prevention of physical suffering through routine in the all daily life.


Benefit can people who want to improve the quality of their physical perception and the well-being of their own body.

Myofascial Training

Myofascial Training strengthens not only muscles, but also the stability, agility, stamina and coordination of a body as a whole. Not only the muscle alone, but also the surrounding connective tissue (the fascia) is trained and improved.


Fascia is a network distributed throughout the body that connects our deep and superficial structures, gives us our form and holds us together as a whole.


Fascia has a high density of proprioceptors and nerve endings. Proprioceptors give us the information we need to perceive how the position and movement of the body is in space at any time. The nerve endings have influence on the movement control and the vegetative nervous system. Fascia therefore plays an important role in muscle function and transmission.


The goal of Pilates Myofascial Training is to gain greater mobility and stimulate the connectivity between body parts. When training, muscles are not isolated, but trained as a "chain", as part of a movement across multiple joints.


This means:

→ Full range of motion training

→ Exercising beyond the usual range of motion

→ Greater elasticity in general

→ Exposing fascia to a greater training stimulus